Fraxel laser in Paris by Dr Emmanuel Molinari
Fraxel laser in Paris by Dr Molinari


Traitements de la transpiration excessive ou hyperhydrose des aisselles, des mains, des pieds, miradry et toxine botulique

What types of lasers are Fraxel Dual and Fraxel repair lasers?
| Dr. Molinari, Paris

Fraxel lasers belong to the category of non-ablative fractional lasers for Dual and ablative for Repair. They work by vaporizing (i.e., controlled burning) the dermis, which leads to secondary skin repair via collagen neo-synthesis. Technically, the Fraxel laser works by delivering high-energy, small-diameter shocks that allow for treatment-free intervals. It is a safe laser, approved by the FDA and European medical authorities, and recognized for its optimal treatment comfort and clear efficacy in a variety of indications.

At the end of a Fraxel Dual laser session, approximately 25% of the dermis is treated with fractional mode impacts.

This preserves 75% of the dermis, resulting in very rapid healing and excellent tolerability without the dermabrasion effect seen with previous generation lasers.

What are the indications for Fraxel DUAL and Fraxel Repair? | Dr. Molinari, Paris

Fractional lasers, including Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Repair, offer effective treatments for a wide range of indications:

  • Improvement of wrinkles and fine lines (on the face),
  • Prevention of skin aging,
  • Reduction of acne scars,
  • Softening surgical scars,
  • Treatment of blemishes, sometimes with Fraxel Dual,
  • Reduction of white stretch marks on small areas, as the cost of treatment is high (a preliminary test on a small area may be required). Stretch marks are still difficult to treat.

How does a Fraxel laser treatment work?
| Dr. Molinari, Paris

A preliminary consultation with Dr. Molinari, dermatologist in Paris, is essential to assess the feasibility and benefits of Fraxel laser treatment after a clinical examination. The consultation will also determine whether the Fraxel Dual laser or the Fraxel Repair laser will be used. The more aggressive Fraxel Repair laser requires social eviction for a few days after use.

The Fraxel laser requires the application of an anesthetic cream before the session (usually 1h30 to 2 hours before) to make the session as comfortable as possible. Under these conditions, the treatment is painless. A full face treatment with the Fraxel Dual laser takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes

What are the benefits of the Fraxel Dual laser?
| Dr. Molinari, Paris

The Fraxel Dual laser offers a relatively easy follow-up. After the treatment, there may be some swelling and redness for a few days. However, there is no scabbing or social eviction. Patients can also apply makeup to the treated areas without any problem.

The Fraxel Dual laser can be used on all skin types, especially dark and black skin, with no risk of depigmentation.

The more aggressive Fraxel Repair laser usually results in scarring. A synergistic treatment with these two devices can be suggested.

How much does a Fraxel Dual session cost? | Dr. Molinari, Paris

The cost of a Fraxel Dual laser treatment depends on the area to be treated: the larger the area, the more laser consumables are needed.

In general, prices for a Fraxel Dual laser session start at 400 euros (including VAT).


Traitements de l'hyperhydrose ou transpiration excessive par MiraDry ou toxine botulique à Paris

Doctor MOLINARI in Paris has used Fraxel Dual and Repair lasers since 2009 on his patients for various indications.

Examples of results a few months after 3 Fraxel Dual laser sessions on scars and acne scars on the face.


Traitements de l'hyperhydrose ou transpiration excessive par MiraDry ou toxine botulique à Paris