Ellanse: injectable wrinkle fillers in Paris 7e

Ellansé injections

Ellanse: injectable wrinkle fillers in Paris 7e

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What is Ellansé?

This dermal filler is composed of carboxymethylcellulose gel and polycaprolactone microspheres. One of its advantages is that Ellansé is completely resorbed by the body, without danger, in one or two years, depending on the type S or M of product chosen by Dr MOLINARI with the patient before the injection session.

Ellansé is a dermal filler approved by the FDA since 2014 in the USA, and CE since 2010: proof of its high efficacy in wrinkle filling and its safety.

Dr. Emmanuel Molinari

Medical and aesthetic dermatology in Paris 7e.

Ellansé for facial rejuvenation

As we age, collagen neo-synthesis becomes sluggish, and skin loses elasticity.

Ellansé is also a collagen-inducing filler, which means it stimulates collagen synthesis in the treated areas to enable repair.

Ellansé’s collagen induction is an undeniable advantage over other filling products, notably hyaluronic acids, which do not have this property.

Ellansé is a dermal filler suitable for the treatment of atrophic areas of the face, hollowed out or affected by sagging skin.

It restores the volumes essential to achieving the desired rejuvenation effect.

Ellanse: injectable wrinkle filler

Aesthetic dermatologist in Paris 7e.

Given the “volumizing” nature of Ellansé™, its use will be particularly indicated in several areas of the face affected by the atrophy and fat loss inherent in aging:

Ellansé™ will thus be recommended for rejuvenation treatment:

  • cheeks
  • temples
  • nasolabial folds
  • valley of tears
  • But also for the oval of the face, jowls and bitterness folds.

The injection takes place at Doctor Molinari’s office in Paris , requires no anesthesia and takes just a few minutes. Possible complications after Ellansé™ injection are the same as for any injection of fillers, volumizers or botulinum toxin: mainly post-injection edema and/or hematoma.

These side effects are usual, but do not represent the majority of injections.

Injecting Ellansé™ does not involve any social eviction or special precautions in relation to the sun, which is an added advantage in the opinion of many patients.

The full effect of Ellansé™ treatment is visible after 3 months, which is the time required for collagen production in the treated subcutaneous tissues.Since Ellansé™ is a collagen inducer, we classically observe a persistence of effect beyond the implant degradation period.

However, this treatment is not definitive and must be repeated over time to maintain the desired effect.

Injections of dermal fillers:

  • ULTHERA ultrasound
  • Fractional ablative (fractionnal CO2 laser) and non-ablative (FRAXEL DUAL) lasers.
  • Radiofrequency THERMAGE.

Results before/after Ellansé

You have an upcoming appointment for an Ellansé injection session

  • Do not take aspirin for 10 days prior to the injection.
  • Bear in mind that Ellansé injections may be visible for several days.
  • Depending on the case, apply anaesthetic cream to the area to be injected one hour before the appointment, and then every 10 minutes thereafter.

What happens after the Ellansé injection session?

  • The treated area may be red for several hours.
  • There may be some edema which, in the face, will result in swelling of the eyelids or lips (only if Ellansé is injected close to these areas). This may persist for up to 5 days.
  • There may be bruising at the injection sites, resolving within a few days.
  • Sun exposure is possible after the Ellansé injection session.
    After Ellansé injection, massage the affected areas repeatedly for several days.
  • Remember that the result is only visible several days after the treatment.