Aesthetic dermatology rates in Paris 7e


Dr. Emmanuel Molinari

Medical and aesthetic dermatology in Paris 7e

Laser hair removal sessions are performed exclusively by Dr. Molinari, a guarantee of safe treatment that is never delegated to an assistant.

Upper lip hair removal160 euros
Armpit laser hair removal160 euros
Bikini laser hair removal (including full bikini and SIF)180 euros
Bikini line + underarms240 euros
Back hair removal350 euros
Beard190 euros
Torso300 euros
Half leg laser hair removal250 euros
Full legs400 euros

The cost of a vascular laser session depends on the laser as well as the area to be treated.

Price of a vascular laser sessionPrice (incl. VAT)
Vascular session (from)280 euros
Hyperhidrosis Treatment Prices Dr. Molinari Paris pricesPrice (incl. VAT)
Botox injection (armpits)600 euros
MiraDry2500 euros
Cryoliplysis session prices Coolsculpting Dr. Molinari ParisRates (incl. VAT)
Per suction cup700 euros

Pigmentation treatment rates depend on the area to be treated and the technique (pulsed light, laser, etc.).

Spot treatment rates (laser, pulsed light…)Rates (incl. VAT)
Brown spots, (aging)
Per session.
250 à 350 euros
Prices for one or five Hydrafacial sessions :
Price of treatment Hydrafacial Hydrafacial rates per session (incl. VAT) Rates for 5 sessions (incl. VAT)
Signature Hydrafacial 180 euros 720 euros
Deluxe Hydrafacial (LED inclued) 240 euros 880 euros
Platinium Hydrafacial (LED inclued) 290 euros 920 euros
5 paid session package: 1 free session, 10 paid session package: 3 free
Potenza treatment Price (incl. VAT) / session
Small area450 euros
Medium area600 euros
Large area800 euros

from 350 euros per session.

Prices for laser tattoo removal depend not only on the area to be treated and therefore the size of the tattoo, but also on the laser used during the sessions, in this case the Q-switched laser or the Picosure laser.

Price of a laser tattoo removal session Dr. Molinari ParisPrice (incl. VAT)
Using the Q-switched laser (from)250 euros
Using the Picosure laser (from)350 euros

The Ulthera treatment pricing depends on the area to be treated and the degree of sagging: after a clinical examination, Dr. Molinari will determine the amount of Ulthera consumables to be used according to the degree of sagging in order to achieve the best possible results. It is also possible to treat smaller areas such as drooping eyelids, wrinkles around the neck, cheeks…

Price of an Ulthera sessionPrice (incl. VAT)
Oval face2500 euros
Filler injections rates Dr. Molinari, ParisRates (incl. VAT) (starting from)
Hyaluronic acid400 euros
Ellansé400 euros
Botox injection price Dr. Molinari ParisRates (incl. VAT)
Face370 à 470 euros

Fraxel Dual and fractionnal CO2 laser treatment session rates depends on the laser and the area to be treated and used.

Fraxel Dual and fractionnal CO2 laser rates
Rates (incl. VAT) From
Fraxel laser 400 euros

Price of a Peeling Session Price (incl. VAT)

Price per peeling session Rates (incl. VAT)  
Face peel 200 euros

from 400 euro per session.

Aviclear 780 euro per session, 3 sessions one month apart