Acne treatment with aviclear laser in Paris 7e

Aviclear laser

Acne treatment with aviclear laser in Paris 7e

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The AviClear laser: a revolutionary advancement in acne treatment

Acne is a common skin condition that causes discomfort and embarrassment for many. Treatments are often long, tedious and only partially effective. However, a new ray of hope is emerging with a new device: the revolutionary AviClear laser, an innovative technique that changes the way we treat acne.

Understanding the AviClear laser acne treatment technique

AviClear targets the sebaceous gland, the anatomical structure responsible for the development of acne.

This laser’s  wavelength of 1726nm was chosen because of its ability to target sebum without affecting water. This property allows for selective action to atrophy and damage the sebaceous gland responsible for acne without affecting its water-rich environment.

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Effects of the AviClear laser on the skin

  1. Regulation of sebum production: the AviClear laser, with its wavelength of 1726 nm, corrects excessive sebum production. By regulating the amount that is produced, the laser helps in reducing pore clogging, thus preventing the formation of new acne lesions, effectively putting an end to this vicious, never-ending cycle.

  2. Reduces inflammation: inflammation plays a critical role in the development of acne. The AviClear laser works deep down to reduce inflammation, thereby reducing the redness associated with acne flare-ups and reducing the number of inflammatory lesions.

  3. Stimulates skin regeneration: in addition to treating acne, the AviClear laser stimulates collagen production and promotes cell regeneration.

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The combination of regulating sebum production, reducing inflammation and stimulating skin regeneration makes AviClear a complete solution for reducing acne. Results are visible in as little as 3 months, providing a fast, effective and long-lasting response.

AviClear represents a significant advance in acne treatment, offering a comprehensive way to get rid of it. Its powerful, long-lasting action makes it unique from other treatments currently available on the market, whether medical: creams, antibiotics, contraceptive pills, or other lasers or lights often proposed.

Examples of results after 3 sessions

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