Dr. Molinari

Dermatology & aesthetic medicine in Paris

Dr. Emmanuel Molinari

Dermatologist in Paris

I’ve been a dermatologist in private practice in Paris since 2009.

I split my time between medical dermatology, treatment of common pathologies, skin cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment of STDs and aesthetic dermatology, Botox or dermal filler injections to treat wrinkles, laser hair removal, couperose, tattoo removal, fat melting, scar correction, hyperhydrosis, radiofrequency.

I did all my hospital and university training in various hospitals in Paris, followed by 3 years as clinical director at the Pitié Salpétrière Hospital and then at the Tenon Hospital.

Since starting my own practice, I have spent the last 4 years taking additional university courses in aesthetic and restorative medicine: DIU in aesthetic dermatology, DIU in surgical dermatology, DU in injections and DU in hair transplantation.

These additional courses are by no means mandatory for practice, and most professionals do not attend. I have chosen to take these courses to keep myself up to date, optimize my skills and expertise for the benefit of my patients.

I also attend numerous continuing education workshops in the dermatologic and aesthetic fields.

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Aesthetic dermatologist

Dr. Molinari

I want my practice to be a place where I can treat the most common dermatological pathologies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs and STIs) and also focus on the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine…

Dr. Emmanuel Molinari

Dermatologist and aesthetic medicine in Paris

The laser center where I work is equipped with the most recent technology and offers the widest range of treatments in the field of aesthetic dermatology (Cryolipolysis, MiraDry, fractional lasers, Ulthera…).

Here you will find the best in dermatologic and aesthetic laser treatments We work as a team, in full consultation, to achieve the best possible results for our patients.
We don’t claim to work miracles and we can’t answer positively to every request. We try to provide professional, realistic and honest solutions for our patients.

My first goal will always be to provide you with the most objective information about what you can reasonably expect from the treatments you are considering, to avoid disappointment as much as possible and make sure you’re satisfied with your choices.