Spot removal: treatments and lasers in Paris 7e

Spot removal

Spot removal: treatments and lasers in Paris 7e

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Where do brown spots come from? “Age spots”

Sun-induced brown spots can appear in young people after excessive exposure to the sun or in older people as a result of chronic exposure.

These spots (also known as lentigos) are in no way dangerous, but require a dermatological diagnosis before any treatment can be considered. The treatment of lentigos is therefore purely cosmetic.

Dr. Emmanuel Molinari

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Therapeutic treatments for the removal of spots

The shelves of pharmacies, beauty magazines and the Internet seem to offer a wide range of solutions for the removal of these spots. And it’s not easy for patients to know which treatment to choose.

So-called “depigmenting” creams are often of little use when it comes to permanently removing blemishes.
Peelings can only provide an interesting improvement of the discoloration if they are aggressive (medium peelings), at the cost of a questionable risk-benefit ratio in this indication.
Pigment lasers and pulsed light are by far the safest and most effective treatments for dark spots. For over 7 years, Dr. Molinari has been using the Q-switched laser and the latest generation Picosure laser from Cynosure to effectively treat unsightly spots on the face, décolleté and hands.

In fact, all areas can be treated with this spot removal technique: face, cleavage, shoulders, hands, mucous membranes (lips, etc.), lower and upper limbs.

Spot removal

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The Brown Spot Treatment is particularly suitable for all fair-skinned people with sun-induced spots.

It should be noted that spots of other origin (e.g. after an injury) are generally more complex to treat, as are those of darker-skinned or Asian patients.

The lasers used are not necessarily the same for spots on dark to black skin, and laser treatment of spots requires special precautions to be taken beforehand, sometimes including the local application of a depigmenting cream a few weeks before treatment.

There is some redness after the treatment, but this usually disappears within a few hours. Treated spots may form scabs that disappear in about ten days.

On tanned skin, pigmentation can sometimes increase… which disappears in a few months. Therefore, it is very important to perform these treatments away from the su

The cost of a spot treatment depends on the number of spots to be treated and the device used: pulsed light, Q-switched laser or Picosure laser.

In general, you can expect to pay between 200 and 350 euros (including VAT) for the removal of brown spots.

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