Treatments for couperose, rosacea and angiomas in Paris 7e

Couperose, rosacea and angiomas

Treatments for couperose, rosacea and angiomas in Paris 7e

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Different types of benign vascular growths can be seen on the skin: couperose, rosacea…

Although typically benign, vascular anomalies can impact the daily lives of many individuals. As a dermatologist, Dr. Molinari offers various long-term treatment options for redness on the face or lower limbs.


One common condition is couperose, which affects the face or neckline, resulting in the proliferation of unsightly superficial vessels on the cheeks, sides of the nose, chin, and forehead. This condition worsens over time and is exacerbated by sun exposure. Pulsed dye laser treatment effectively eliminates undesired vessels over one or multiple sessions, depending on the case.

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Rosacea is a skin condition that involves couperose and papulopustules on the cheeks, much like adolescent acne, and can be disabling for adults. Pulsed dye laser treatment, such as Candela’s Vbeam Perfecta combined with antibiotics, can also be used to treat Rosacea.

Couperose, rosacea and angiomas

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Angiomas present in several types.

Congenital angiomas develop within the first few weeks of life and may regress spontaneously. Vascular lasers can treat the most extensive of these, from an early age, to limit possible negative social repercussions.

In adulthood, small red balls called ruby angiomas or flat star-shaped stellate angiomas may appear and multiply. Benign and causing only cosmetic damage, varicosities are highly visible veins that can proliferate on the nose, cheeks, and more frequently on the legs.

Varicosities are small, highly visible veins that can proliferate on the nose, cheeks, and more regularly on the legs. Certain types of spider veins require prior phlebological examination to detect any varicose veins. Certain vascular lasers can also treat them, such as the Nd Yag laser.

The Vbeam Perfecta laser and Nd Yag are the most effective lasers for treating redness, rosacea, etc.

Examples of results after Vbeam Perfecta laser treatment on rosacea of ​​the cheeks and nose. And on a facial angioma after 3 sessions.