Treatment of acne scars in Paris 7e

Acne scars

Treatment of acne scars in Paris 7e

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Care and treatment of acne scars on face and body

The most common acne scars are atrophic (sunken) scars, mostly on the cheeks and temples, and are often associated with severe adolescent acne.

Before discussing the various ways of treating scars, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the acne has healed completely and sustainably. If this is not the case, acne must be treated before acne scars can be treated, by laser for example.

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Many patients ask about the benefits of applying healing creams to established scars: there are none! It is also worth knowing that peels are generally ineffective because atrophic scars are too deep to be attenuated by treatments that are too superficial.

  • Scar lifting:

Using a round scalpel, a cut is made around each scar to raise the edges. A few weeks later, pulsed light or fractional laser sessions (Fraxel Restore or Dual) are performed to smooth the skin. This technique can produce interesting results. It has the disadvantage of being rather cumbersome and of being able to create new scars through the incisions made around each scar, which may remain visible.

Acne scars

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This is our treatment of choice. Fraxel lasers (Restore Dual and Fraxel Repair) have the disadvantage of a high cost. However, they are particularly suited to the treatment of acne scars, and are totally safe. Deep heating of the skin induces new collagen synthesis, which fills in the area to be treated. On palpation, the scar looks more like normal skin, denser and shallower. Visually, the dermabrasion induced by these lasers improves the aesthetic appearance of scars, even making them disappear in the case of the finest and smallest scars.

Fraxels Dual or Repair lasers often bring substantial benefits to patients. They improve skin damaged by severe acne. They do not, however, allow total repair. Acne treatment therefore remains the top priority for patients with severe, progressive acne.

Fraxels Dual and Repair lasers are the most effective lasers for combating not only acne scars, but also preventing skin aging and reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Examples of results obtained after 4 Fraxel non-ablative Dual laser sessions on deep cheek scars.