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Traitements de la transpiration excessive ou hyperhydrose des aisselles, des mains, des pieds, miradry et toxine botulique

What is "Intense Pulsed Light"?
| Dr Molinari, Paris

Intense Pulsed Light is based on the emission of polychromatic light that covers a broad spectrum. Intense Pulsed Light can be used to target hair pigmentation, red blood cell pigmentation or sun spots.

It’s a very versatile treatment.

Indications for Intense Pulsed Light
| Dr Molinari, Paris

Facial erythrosis and rosacea: by targeting hemoglobin pigmentation, Intense Pulsed Light destroys visible, unsightly blood vessels on the face: nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, etc.

Sun spots, also known as actinic lentigos: The result of repeated exposure to the sun, they are most often found on the face, décolleté or hands. Treatment of the legs is also possible.

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal: widely used in beauty salons for this indication, pulsed light is far less effective in this area than laser hair removal and should be preferred.

A partial removal of wrinkles can also be observed: but it also restores tension to the sagging facial tissues associated with skin aging. Again, since this beneficial effect is moderate and inconsistent, it is preferable to use Fraxel ablative lasers for this type of treatment.

The advantages of pulsed light treatment
| Dr. Molinari Paris

The broad spectrum of intense pulsed light makes it possible to combine treatments in a single session: the same treatment can be effective for both age spots and rosacea, for example….

In contrast, laser treatments often require two separate sessions. This can help limit side effects and treatment costs.

What are the side effects of pulsed light?
| Dr. Molinari, Paris

  • Erythema on the treated area lasting from a few hours to a few days after the session,
  • Scabs usually appear after the treatment of spot,
  • Facial edema is not uncommon for 3 days after treatment,
  • Burns are exceptional. They are prevented by not treating dark or tanned skin. The expertise of the dermatologist, in this case Dr. Molinari, helps to minimize this risk.

How much does a pulsed light treatment cost?
| Dr. Molinari, Paris

The price of a Pulsed Light treatment depends on the technique used and the area to be treated.  These elements are defined with the patient according to his or her expectations and after a clinical examination by Dr. Molinari during the consultation prior to any medical-aesthetic procedure.

Prices for Intense Pulsed Light treatments: from 200 euros per session, all taxes included.



Traitements de l'hyperhydrose ou transpiration excessive par MiraDry ou toxine botulique à Paris

Results after pulsed light treatment on sun spots on a patient’s back and shoulders.
Spot removal before / after Paris - Dr Molinari


Traitements de l'hyperhydrose ou transpiration excessive par MiraDry ou toxine botulique à Paris